Quality policy

The produce of Luninetsky MZ OJSC has won the love of customers thanks to its quality and natural ingredients. We appreciate this love and trust and are doing our best to live up the expectations of our customers. For this purpose we have considerably modernized company’s equipment and mastered modern technologies of milk processing and the output of new product lines. Furthermore, a strict control system of all production stages, storage and transportation of the produce has been implemented and successfully functioning.

Our vision

We should become a leader among producers of natural dairy products in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Our mission

We keep what nature has given to us: purity, naturalness, quality; we add care, hard work, knowledge and embody all this in our dairy products.
Quality today is a guarantee of success for tomorrow!

Our motto

Our pride is the plant, our strength is in people!

Our goals

  1. The release of safe produce that meet the requirements of the legislative regulations of the Republic of Belarus, the Eurasian Economic Union and consumer countries, the standards STB 1470, (STB) ISO 22000, (STB) ISO/TS 22002-1 and the FSSC 22000 certification scheme.
  2. Ensuring the competitiveness of products on the domestic and foreign markets.
  3. Meeting the requirements and expectations of customers and interested parties through the effective application and continuous improvement of quality and safety systems.
  4. Achievement of effective economic indicators and increasing the welfare of the company’s employees.
  5. Creation of social and economic conditions for the production of safe, high-quality dairy products.
  6. Analysis, maintenance and continuous updating of management systems.

The Achievement of the goals set is ensured

  1. Through analysis, maintenance and performance, with continuous improvement and updating of quality and safety management systems.
  2. Maintaining the acceptability, suitability, adequacy and compliance of management systems with the requirements of STB 1470, (STB) ISO 22000, (STB) ISO / TS 22002-1, STB ISO 9001 and the FSSC 22000 certification scheme.
  3. Through introduction of new types of dairy products that meet the needs and expectations of consumers and interested parties.
  4. By the close-knit and effective work of the company team, from the director to each employee, based on the principles of respect, a favorable social and psychological climate of the workforce, discipline and economically sound approaches.
  5. Risk management.
  6. Involvement of personnel in active participation in work to ensure the safety and quality of food products, motivation of this participation, training and advanced training of employees in the field of food safety and quality management.
  7. Release of high-quality, safe and competitive dairy products that best meet the requirements of consumers, legislative and other mandatory requirements, through the introduction of advanced technology, new equipment and the use of the latest means and methods of control.
  8. Selection of reliable suppliers and long-term cooperation with them in order to provide safe feedstock and materials.
  9. Saving and rational use of fuel and energy resources.
  10. Compliance with sanitary standards and requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the Eurasian Economic Union and consumer countries in full.
  11. Management of hazardous factors of microbiological, chemical and physical origin, affecting product safety, based on the principles of HACCP and (STB) ISO 22000.
  12. Organization of control and testing of raw materials and finished products at all stages of production in a volume that ensures full compliance of products with national and international standards.
  13. Constant exchange of information with external organizations and within the enterprise, effective communication and constant work with consumers to determine their requirements for products and supplies, analysis of satisfaction, as well as the use of information received from them to improve the quality of products and supplies.

Responsibility for Policy Implementation

The top management of Luninetsky MZ OJSC assumes responsibility for the implementation of the Policy and the provision of funds and resources to needed, continuous improvement and updating of management systems, periodic assessment and revision of the policy. The management undertakes to provide personal support of management systems in order to ensure their compliance with the requirements of STB 1470, (STB) ISO 22000, (STB) ISO / TS 22002-1, STB ISO 9001 and the FSSC 22000 certification scheme, to bring the policy to the attention of the enterprise personnel.

Director General S.F. Karpets 12.08.2020