About us

OJSC Luninetsky Dairy Plant

Open Joint Stock Company Luninetsky Milk Plant is one of the most developed and economically stable companies of the Luninetsky district. Our company offers dairy products from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials, produced without any preservatives. The products of our plant were recognized as the best according to the results of numerous competitions in the field of quality.

The products of our plant under trademarks “Mololchnaya Kapelka” and “Belaya Korova” are well known to consumers of the Republic of Belarus. It is successfully supplied to countries such as Georgia, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Syria and Armenia.

Our products


We use only fresh milk and ferment for the preparation of our kefir.

Cottage cheese

Our cottage cheese brings maximum of natural taste and benefits to your body.


The aroma and rich creamy taste of our butter is given by the cream made from the freshest milk.


Every drop of our milk contains the warmth and flavour of the native land.

Sour cream

Our sour cream is prepared according to traditional recipes and only from fresh cream.

Yoghurt and cream

Our yoghurts and creams contain only natural additives and flavours.

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