Information on the reorganization of OJSC “Luninetsky MZ”Information on the reorganization of OJSC “Luninetsky MZ”

OJSC “Luninetsky MZ” reports the following informationon the reorganization of OJSC “Luninetsky MZ” by separating from itthe Agricultural Unitary Enterprise “Agro Lobchanskoye”(Unitary Enterprise “Agro Lobchanskoye”), the sole founder of which is OJSC “Luninetsky MZ”: Full name, location and postal address of the reorganized (liquidated) legal entity (legal entities participating in the reorganization) Agricultural unitary enterprise

Information on the formation of the register of owners of securities 29.11.2021

30.11.2021 Meetings, Notices

Open Joint Stock Company “Luninets Milk Plant”, located at the address Brest region, Luninets, st. Davydova, 2, reports that at a meeting of the Supervisory Board (Minutes No. 28 dated November 29, 2021), a decision was made to form a register of securities holders as of December 1, 2021 to compile a list of persons entitled to participate in a special general meeting of shareholders to be held December 10, 2021.

Supervisory Board

Special meeting of shareholders 10.12.2021Special meeting of shareholders 10.12.2021

Dear shareholders ofOpen Joint Stock Company “Luninets Milk Plant” December 10, 2021 at 2.30 p.m. regular general meeting of shareholders of OJSC Luninetsky MZ. The next general meeting of shareholders will be held at:Luninets, Davydov str., 2, assembly hall. Agenda On the approval of the charter of the agricultural unitary enterprise “Molochnaya Kapelka”. On approval

Our company has launched the production of a line of dairy products from A2 milk!Our company has launched the production of a line of dairy products from A2 milk!

Our A2 milk is 100% natural low-allergenic milk obtained from cows with the A2 genotype. For this we have our own livestock, all cows undergo special research, as well as each batch of selected milk – before entering production, it undergoes thorough laboratory control. Milk from these cows naturally does not contain A1 protein. It