Our brands

brand logo Mololchnaya Kapelka

Mololchnaya Kapelka™

This is the main trademark of Luninetsky MZ OJSC. Its logo is well recognized by the customers. It shows a milk drop on the green field. The idea of the logo was born thanks to the nature of the Luninetsky District, where on the green grassy meadows the cows graze and in the evenings give fresh and tasty milk. It is so fresh that it’s impossible to leave a single milk drop of it.

Under the brand name Mololchnaya Kapelka™ Luninetsky MZ OJSC produces a wide range of goods such as milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese, yoghurts and creams.

brand logo Belaya Korova

Belaya Korova™

Belaya Korova™ is the second brand of importance of Luninetsky MZ OJSC.

The logo depicts a white cow looking over the fence. She seems to invite us inside the house where the freshly made butter with an inimitable creamy taste is standing on the table. The white colour of the cow is the symbol of purity, freshness and naturalness. The brown colour of the ribbon symbolizes the connections with the traditions of the milk goods production.

Under the trademark Belaya Korova™ one can find sweet cream unsalted butter.

brand logo ASABLIVAE


A brand that sets a consumer into a positive mood, awakens warm feelings, inspires to new discoveries and makes you look at something in a new way, spend time actively, and be proactive.

“ASABLIVAE” is a fundamentally new dairy products on the Belarusian market with a unique protein composition, which can be suitable both for people with special nutritional needs and for consumers with special requirements for the quality of dairy products.