Bioyogurt A2 sugar-free 3.6%

330 g

Sugar-free bioyogurt is a popular fermented milk product, especially among health-conscious people.

Consumers nowadays attach great importance to controlling the amount of sugar entering the body. That is why we have created sugar-free bioyogurt from the unique A2 milk.


normalized pasteurized milk A2, stabilizer (acetylated disarch adipate, pectin), starter culture with the addition of bifidobacteria

Mass fraction of fat

3.6 %



Nutritional value of 100g product

carbohydrates – 12.0g, fat – 3.6g, proteins – 3.3g

Food energy value of 100g product

95 kcal / 390 kJ

Best up to

30 days

Storage temperature before and after package opening

2C – 6C


glass jar

Quantity in a container

12 items