Butter “Belaya Korova” 82.5%

1000 g

Sweet cream unsalted butter 82.5% of the “Belaya Korova” trade mark is a unique combination of a delicate texture and a unique taste that brings out the freshness and naturalness of cow cream. For its production we use only fresh pasteurized cream. Convenient and economical packaging makes this butter an ideal choice for all kinds of cooking and baking.


pasteurized cow's milk cream

Mass fraction of fat




Nutritional value of 100g product

carbohydrates – 0.8g, fat – 82.5g, proteins – 0.5g

Food energy value of 100g product

748.0 kcal / 3132.0 kJ

Best up to

240 days

Storage temperature before and after package opening

2C – 6C


laminated aluminum foil

Quantity in a container

8 items