Butter “Zoloto Polesya” 82.5%

1000 g

Sweet cream unsalted butter 82.5% of the trade mark “Zoloto Polesya” has a unique rich creamy taste with a pleasant honey aftertaste. Each piece of this butter contains a bit of aroma of the spring meadows of the Belarusian Polesye, washed by the golden rays of the morning sun.


pasteurized cow's milk cream

Mass fraction of fat




Nutritional value of 100g product

carbohydrates – 0.8g, fat – 82.5g, proteins – 0.5g

Food energy value of 100g product

748.0 kcal / 3132.0 kJ

Best up to

240 days

Storage temperature before and after package opening

2C – 6C


laminated aluminum foil

Quantity in a container

8 items