Thermostatic sour cream A2 12%

330 g

Do you know what sour cream is? Sour cream is a cream in which sour cream culture is added to start the fermentation process and get a delicious product.

Our A2 sour cream is fermented in a thermostatic way right in the jar. Why in a thermostatic way? Because this method of production allows you to preserve the maximum useful properties, to get the most natural taste.


normalized pasteurized cream A2, sour cream culture

Mass fraction of fat




Nutritional value of 100g product

carbohydrates – 3.1g, fat – 12.0g, proteins – 2.8g

Food energy value of 100g product

130 kcal / 540 kJ

Best up to

30 days

Storage temperature before and after package opening

2C – 6C


glass jar

Quantity in a container

12 items