Yoghurt 2.1% with wild berries filling

150 g

The ingredients of yoghurt 2.1% include normalized pasteurized cow’s milk, food flavoring component “Wild berries”, stabilizer, starter culture, granulated sugar, skimmed milk powder.


food flavoring component, normalized pasteurized milk, skimmed milk powder, stabilizer, sugar, yoghurt culture

Food flavoring component

wild berries

Mass fraction of fat




Nutritional value of 100g product

carbohydrates – 10.7g, fat – 2.1g, proteins — 3.0g

Food energy value of 100g product

73.7 kcal / 309.0 kJ

Best up to

30 days

Storage temperature before and after package opening

2C – 6C


plastic cup

Quantity in a container

20 items